As one of the few businesses to start immediately before The Great Depression that lived to tell the tale, Farmers Insurance was founded on innovation and a passion to do what’s right for communities all across America. But just like most businesses, Farmers started as a small one-room office, and with time, was able to become the national leader it is today for high-quality insurance plans.

By starting your own insurance agency under Farmers, you’ll not only benefit from and be backed by the Farmers name and branding, but you’ll have my support through the entire process — from business plan development to advanced-level coaching.

Key Benefits Of Joining Farmers

Build or Buy

One of the first choices you’ll be faced with as an entrepreneur is the decision to either build or buy your business. Building affords you the ability to start with a clean slate, no established market base, and no assets. By buying a business, however, you’ll be able to start where the last business owner left off. At Farmers, you’ll have both these options available to you.

Training and Support

When you start your own Farmers insurance agency, you’ll not only have my support on the business end of things, you’ll also have access to comprehensive training programs through The University of Farmers® in Agoura Hills, California. These programs will provide you with in-depth insight into insurance, Farmers products, as well as providing you with crucial information on growing a successful agency.

Opportunity For Growth

At Farmers, you’ll never want to stay stagnant. There are a wealth of opportunities for you to maximize your income through residual programs, performance rewards, quarterly bonuses, and bilingual bonuses. I’ll make you aware of all of these opportunities and ensure that your agency is always on the right track.


Farmers is nationally recognized as one of the leading insurance brands in the country. As such, your agency will have the benefit of working under such a well-established name wherever you choose to grow your business.

These are just a few of the benefits of starting an insurance agency with Farmers. I’m your Farmers Insurance® District Managers in Emeryville, California, so give me a call to get started.

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As a business consultant, I seek out talented and innovative self-starters who have a dream of starting and running their own business. After starting my own business, I knew that I could be a valuable asset to entrepreneurs across the country, providing them with opportunities to practice their business skills and see significant returns as a result. Working with me to either create your own insurance agency through Farmers or becoming an independent consultant with R+F are two great ways to develop your entrepreneurial skills without the risk of developing your own product line or services.

If you’d like to learn more about FRF Consulting Group and our business consulting services, visit our site or give me a call for a free consultation.

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